Google Play basics series

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


Whether you’re new to smartphones or just making the switch to Android, our Google Play Basics series is meant to answer some of your most basic questions about accessing and using the Google Play store, questions you might be too afraid to ask! Check out our five part series below for getting started with Google Play!

Google Play Basics Part 1: Is Google Play free?

Google Play Basics Part 2: How to register with Google Play

Google Play Basics Part 3: Recover your forgotten password

Google Play Basics Part 4: How to fix server error RPC:S-5:AEC-0

Google Play Basics part 5: Send apps to your Android device from a PC

Google Play Basics part 6: Get a refund for an app purchased in Google Play

Google Play Basics part 7: remove or rename a device on Google Play

If you’ve got more questions about getting the most from your Android device, check out our Android Basics series here.

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